Bonjour from Le Petit Chateau du Breuil....

At about 2am in the morning well over 30 years ago, I drove into a Parisian backstreet in my old faithful van, 'Horace'.


It was pitch black. I had heard of the regular Paris flea markets and had taken the ferry from England to take a look for myself. A girl alone  in the middle of the night in Paris - and with a bag full of cash waiting for the stall-holders to lay out their wares! 

Not perhaps one of my safest truffling trips but all ended well. I returned home to the UK with 19th century pot-cupboards, an armoire, a scrolled top bed and host of textiles other timeworn treasures.  They sold immediately and my desire to truffle out vintage French treasures had begun - and I have never looked back since! 

Now, over 30 years later, I  live in a "petit chateau" in Normandie, Northern France  and I go out 'truffling' at every opportunity. Antique textiles are my passion - but then so are timeworn treasures full of faded grandeur.  


My philosophy is a simple one; I only bring home those finds which I would love to have on display in my own home. Rarely does anything shiny or pristine catch my eye; I adore everything chateau chic: furniture in its original distressed paint, quirky kitchenalia, rustic country items - and not forgetting, of course, vintage textiles and home embellishments full of faded grandeur.


You will find some specially chosen confections by pressing the  EMPORIUM button above.

 I try to add to my listings on a daily basis - so there should always be something new to see.

Throughout the day I tend to put little peeks of upcoming treasures on my Instagram site as I photograph them, you will find me there as  simply_chateau. Search for simply-chateau on Facebook also.

Thank you for visiting the "chateau" and please keep up to date with my latest news via my Instagram, Facebook and blog site. 

a la prochaine.....